The Designed Garden
Completing the Picture
in association with Bloom, by Bord Bia
21st International Design Seminar
Some Photos from our Seminar
Vincent McMonagle Photographic Services

Another successful seminar with photographs showing some of the speakers, sponsors and delegates

William Kearney, Kerrie Gardiner, Gary Graham, Christie Boylan


Sue and Bleddyn Wynn-Jones

Ruth Liddle & Kerrie Gardiner

Patricia Tyrrell & Noel van Mierlo
Noel van Mierlo

Mary & John O’Reilly

Marina & Thomas Doxiadis

Emma and Graham Mazzullo
David Shortall and Ronan Nangle
Colm O’Donnell, Christy Boylan, Vyvian White & Thomas Moore

Bleddyn Wynn-Jones _ Thomas Doxiadis _ Patricia Tyrrell _ Emma Mazzullo & Noel van Mierlo.DNGBleddyn Wynn-Jones, Thomas Doxiadis, Patricia Tyrrell, Emma Mazzullo & Noel van Mierlo