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Contact: Damien Gleeson

SSQ was formed in 1983 to import quality Spanish slate into the UK. It was a bold move by our founder and chairman, Ahmed El-Helw, who correctly identified a lack of supply of local materials to satisfy the thirst of an increasingly slate-hungry home market. We are a family owned business, based in North West London and with offices in Spain and Argentina.

Today, SSQ is one of the world’s leading suppliers and producers of high-grade, unfading natural roofing slate. Our principle markets are in the UK, Europe and North America. Our exports however are as far afield as Australia, Trinidad, Norway & Japan – in all, over 20 countries. We have most recently introduced SSQ to the Irish market.

Our product range includes roofing slates and Riverstone architectural stone, the latter which is ideally suited for superior garden paving. Riverstone architectural stone is a phyllite, a natural rock closely related to slate.

Hand split, just like slate, Riverstone natural phyllite has a slightly coarser grain and a unique satin-like luster, making it the choice of the most discriminating architects across the world. Just as this satin ‘phyllitic sheen’ helps to distinguish phyllite from slate in the field, it will set your project apart instantly. Phyllite shares slate’s essential characteristics but surpasses its qualities being generally stronger and more resilient. It’s an excellent natural building material and is ideal for internal and external flooring and hard landscaping in both residential and commercial environments.

Riverstone’s naturally riven surface and coarser grain makes it more slip resistant than regular slate, so it is the perfect flooring material.  It’s medium grey colour with the slightest hint of green will make your architectural project as breath taking as it is rare.

There are only a handful of phyllite sources known worldwide, and even fewer that are able to split the stone at the thickness required to be suitable for use as a versatile architectural stone product.

Our San Luis quarry in La Repressa, central Argentina, is 560 million years old. Every Riverstone slate comes from the same high quality seam of rock, so you can be sure that you’ll get consistent quality, effectiveness and extraordinary beauty with every single slate.

SSQ directly employ operational and quality control staff in the UK, Spain and Argentina, ensuring complete control over our supply chain and of the quality of all slates carrying the SSQ brand.

This control over our supply chain, coupled with the fact we hold in the region of 5 million slates in the UK at any given time, gives us the ability to service the largest requirements.


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