Platipus Anchors


Tel: +44 (0)1737 762 300


Address: Kingsfield Business Centre,
Philanthropic Road, Redhill, Surrey,
Contact: Murielle Jayer

About Platipus Anchors

GLDA Corporate Member Platipus Anchors Ltd provides tree anchoring and irrigation systems for all challenging planting situations. The company invented the first underground tree anchoring, over 30 years ago, and due to continuous innovation has developed a range of high quality solutions.

About Products and Services

All Platipus systems provide security and stability for the tree and do not restrict root development. They are quick and easy to install, cost-effective and do not require any long-term maintenance. They can also provide individual bespoke tree anchoring systems for roof top gardens, containers, solid bases and unusual urban sites.

To complement the range of tree anchoring solutions, Platipus can provide the ‘Piddler’ tree irrigation system which delivers water & air directly and evenly around the root zone, ensuring tree growth and sustainability.

We also offer a full range of services to Landscape Professionals including CPD presentations, technical support, specification guidance, AutoCad drawings and on-site anchor testing and assistance.


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