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About Us

To be successful a pavement must be structurally competent, durable and meet or exceed design life expectations.  Achieving this requires great care and attention in design, specification and selection of materials.

The huge part paving bedding and jointing mortars play in the structural competence, durability and post-installation maintenance liabilities of a pavement is widely underestimated.

For a successful outcome, investment in paving mortar choice is critically important as is the selection of the paving unit material.

Only the best paving mortars can cope with the extreme mechanical and thermal stresses exerted on a pavement, while bonding the structure together for decades.

Steintec paving mortars have been developed to meet and exceed the exacting requirements of BS7533-101.

For detailed industry standard guidance, designers and specifiers should refer to BS7533-101:2021.

For unrivalled support resolving real-world technical design challenges;
Talk to Steintec.

At pre-construction we can brief contractors and layworker operatives on the most efficient handling, preparation and mixing procedures and best practice laying techniques.  We can also provide onsite induction sessions for optimal use of Steintec materials and specialist tools and equipment.

Our technical support is offered free of charge, because Steintec are as keen as you are to be associated with successful projects.
Contact us at the earliest possible stage of your project and our experienced technical team will be delighted to assist you in whatever way we can.

Steintec offer the designer technical support backed up with a range of CPD topics which we delivery via online Zoom or face to face presentations.











Supplier History

The UK’s leading supplier of high performance paving mortars.

Supplying the commercial and domestic markets

We have many years experience nationally and internationally, contributing to projects with outstanding longevity and visual appeal.  We recognise that paving projects represent a major investment to all involved so we’re committed to helping ensure the outcome for every project is a success.

Awards & Achievements

Winner 2022 APL – Association of Professional Landscapers: Supplier of the Year


North Park, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire

Installation of a fully bound Permeable system which incorporated

tuffbed 2-Pack + tuffgrit aggregate laid 40mm-70mm onto a 100mm concrete base.

Two coats of tuffbond Priming mortar was used to prime the concrete base as the bedding mortar was laid and a further coat of tuffbond was then used to prime the underside of the Porcelain paving unit when being laid onto the bedding.

The joint were 10mm wide and depth of the Porcelain paving unit was 20mm. tuffflow Permeable jointing mortar was then applied to the joints

Which when cured 3-5 hours allows for water to flow through the joints and the bedding to the concrete base which was slopped to a central drainage channel.



“The anthracite version was perfect for the paving and the application could not have been easier. The whole process was extremely easy and straightforward and I was under no time constraint that is often the case with 2-part resin systems. I returned unused mortar to the tub for future use!”

G. Douglas
A patio in Leatherhead was jointed with Anthracite tuffjoint Utility by the homeowner.

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