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Sempergreen Group


Defensieweg 1
3984 LR Odijk
The Netherlands


Kevin O’Donoghue
0031 343 539 699

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Materials, Planting

Specialists in

Plants, Green Roofs
Living Walls, Blue-green roofs, Groundcover, Drainage layers, Geotextiles

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About Us

Cities and buildings need to become greener to be more future-proof, but there’s limited space for greenery within urban areas. Sempergreen green roof and living wall systems offer the ideal solution! These not only make buildings more beautiful but also provides numerous benefits for the environment, such as reducing heat stress, improving air quality, and preventing water overflow. They also give a boost to local biodiversity.

Our green roofs are a sustainable green solution and easy to install, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. From drainage and substrate to pre-grown Sedum-mix or Biodiverse vegetation blankets or even Sedumtrays, we offer full systems to ‘plant’ on your clients’ roofs.

With our SemperGreenwall system, we can realize custom indoor and outdoor living walls that suit the project, environment and client. The Cradle-to-Cradle-certified green facade system adds value for healthy, circular buildings.

Please get in touch with us for more information about the right green roof or living wall system for your needs.











Supplier History

We are Sempergreen – growers of powerful plants since 1996, on a mission to replant the planet. Worldwide, we’re un-paving the concrete jungle through innovations in sustainable construction and urban greenery. As an international company with its roots in the Netherlands, we’re the go-to place for quality systems for green roofs, living walls and ready-to-lay ground covering. Together with our clients, our ambition is to make our world a greener place for everyone and all living creatures to enjoy.

Awards & Achievements


The Asher, Virginia, USA

Sempergreen Group has supplied pre-grown green solutions to thousands of projects in Europe, including Ireland, but we’re also active in other parts of the world. In the USA for example, Sempergreen USA has completed an extensive rooftop garden with green roof and living wall elements in Virginia, USA. USA. To create a calming hideaway for their residents, the amenity deck is framed with a natural-looking slatted wooden fence and four SemperGreenwalls. The roof is a mix of pre-grown Sedum-mix blankets, various other types of plants, and seating and walking areas.



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