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Kilkenny Limestone Quarries Ltd


Co Kilkenny



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Tim McDonald
059 972 6191

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About Us

Irish Blue Limestone, one of Ireland’s most precious resources, has been treasured and used for centuries. This charismatic and multi-faceted stone has many destinies, from the centrepieces of contemporary home design to the principal theme of architectural projects around the world.

It is our pleasure to introduce our extensive range of Irish Blue Limestone products in distinctive Classic Blue, Dark Selection and Fossil varieties, individually rendered in a number of high-precision quality finishes. Various shade and finish combinations tease the stone into its many expressions of colour and texture, as it courts the light and develops in complexity with time.

At Kilkenny Limestone, true exposition of this beautiful stone is our passion. To enable our clients to fully experience and appreciate its brilliance, we provide a number of essential installation and lifetime care guides.











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GLDA Corporate Member, Kilkenny Limestone, are experts in the extraction, manufacture and supply of Irish Blue Limestone, and proudly serve in the construction of prestige edifices worldwide.

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Kilkenny Limestone offer an exceptional level of customer service. Their paving products are stunning and of the highest quality. Their staff have always been incredibly helpful, and have never baulked at any bespoke product request, always offering their time and expertise to ensure that my clients get the best quality finish.

Ingrid Swan, MGLDA

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