Full Membership Application

All the Garden Designers featured on the website are GLDA Full Members. They have been in professional practice for a minimum of 3 years. Each has had their portfolio assessed by an independent panel of horticultural and design experts. To become a Full member, you first apply to become a Pre-Reg Member (see next section for application form).

Full Membership Info & Assessment Portfolio requirements

Pre-Registered Membership Application

This is an open category that will allow the GLDA to assist designers to further develop their Garden Design skills through classes and workshops, tailored specifically towards the requirements for the portfolio assessment to gain Full membership. Download further details here.

Pre-Reg Application form

Student Membership Application

For students participating in a registered or certified course in the design and horticultural industry. This category can be used as a spring board to Pre-Registered membership.

Student Info & Application form

Friend / Overseas Friend Membership Application

This category is open to professionals and to members of the public, living in Ireland or abroad, with an interest in garden and landscape design who wish to support the aims of the GLDA and become involved in its activities.

Friend / Overseas Friend Membership Application form

Membership Options

Corporate Membership Application

This membership category is open to the landscape industry as a whole to help promote their products, services and plants to Full Members, the rest of our membership and the general public through our website, practical workshops and the GLDA annual seminar. Download further details here.

Corporate Membership Application form