Five Seasons – The Gardens of Piet Oudolf

Friday July 6th 2018 at 7pm

DLR Mill Theatre, Dublin 16

Tickets €12.50, available from The Mill Theatre Box Office, Dundrum.

The GLDA will host a documentary film on Piet Oudolf.  The film was directed by Thomas Piper, a film maker from New York. In it he discusses with Piet Oudolf the various elements of his garden design work, looking at gardens in America and Europe. The film is 75 minutes long and is beautifully shot showing the skill and genius of Oudolf’s designs.

We will also show a 10 minute ballet film of “Le Spectre de La Rose” – a duet piece where the Girl comes back from the ball with a rose, falls asleep – a spectre enters and dances with her, and leaves.  She wakes, smells the rose … was it all a dream …

It’s the famous Nijinsky piece, with music by Berlioz. It was made primarily for the Ninette de Valois Dance     Festival in Blessington at the end of last month, who commissioned it.  They shot it in Russborough House (the Alfred Beit mansion) with Zoey Ashe-Browne as the Girl.

Catch up with designers at the bar before and after the show.