Janet Dunlop Hawker

Website: www.greenmatters.ie

Tel: 064 6683108

Mobile: 087 229 6357

E-mail: jdh@greenmatters.ie

Address: Greenmatters,


Janet Dunlop Hawker became a Garden Designer after years of practical gardening following organic and permaculture methods.  This included working on a commercial market garden, running a local vegetable box scheme as well as having a large kitchen garden for a family.  Following Permaculture Design and Forest Garden courses with some of the foremost authorities on practical permaculture in temperate regions she felt there was a need to make these important ideas for sustainable gardens more accessible to the public.  After taking more courses in garden design she set up Green Matters Garden Design in 2008.


Green Matters creates gardens that appear on the surface to be beautiful ornamental gardens but it is underpinned with permaculture principles.  Practical permaculture is about designing sustainable human environments based on the models of natural ecosystems.  A truly wild area keeps itself going without ploughing & digging, additions of fertilisers or fallow periods.  It can provide food and shelter to a bewildering variety of animals, insects and micro-organisms.  A permaculture designer will look to the principles behind such natural systems and the relationships within them to create as self-supporting a design as possible.  At Green Matters we design gardens that are beautiful, fun, low-maintenance, eco-friendly, affordable and productive.
Green Matters offers a flexible service ranging from garden design plans to implement your selves to a full garden makeover.    Gardens are personal and like people they evolve, grow and change with time.  So the service we offer is personal and you can pick and mix as you like.


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