Angela Binchy

Tel: 045 481303

Mobile: 087 273 2048


Address: Gormanstown Studios,
Kilcullen, Co. Kildare


Angela studied garden design with designer John Brookes at Kew Gardens London, and is an award winning designer. She is a qualified and experienced horticulturist, and has developed her own half acre garden from a field, which she now opens for charity one day a year. She has run a successful garden design practice in Co Kildare for over twenty years.

She is well known for her sensitivity to clients’ needs and the practicality and suitability of her designs to a given location and client’s life style, especially one country based.

Angela finds her clients appreciate a good house orientation, attractive entrance and avenue approach, well placed and safe car parking and turning, and  the creation of sheltered relaxation and play areas.  These are important elements in the enjoyment  of their home outdoors.. She emphasise too the the correct selection of attractive trees not only to give shelter or hide a view but to create atmosphere, and she likes to use a simple, natural style of planting, which could  include fruit and vegetables and give year round satisfaction and  colour.

She can bring the client, and /or landscape contractor, through all the design and construction stages from plans for planning permission to final planting. She can produce sketches of the proposed finished garden to compare with photographs of the existing site. She can suggest a contractor to use should the client wish. She is very happy to advise clients on how to do their own construction and planting, and/or garden maintenance, or how to upgrade an existing garden. She can suggest tradespeople.

Angela is a founder member of the Garden and Landscape Designers Association.

She works mostly in Co Kildare, West Wicklow and Dublin.


M.Ag.Sc.Hort. M.I.Hort. Cert Kew School of Garden Design.

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