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Review our designers’ portfolios to find those whose style appeals to you, then contact them directly. Most provide services countrywide.

GLDA 9 Designers

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All our Full and Fellow Members are trained to provide professional plans, from conceptual designs through to planting plans, construction drawings, material selection, detailing and pricing. Many of these garden designers will also provide a service to supervise the works as they progress on site. They will work closely with you to provide the optimum design for the site and for your requirements.

To get in touch with a designer, please use their contact details shown on their individual page.

GLDA Designers

We found our Garden Designer through the GLDA. The whole process was really smooth from start to finish and we love our stunning new garden.


Design Process

The “Five Key Steps To Turn Your Garden Dreams Into Reality” as used by all GLDA members are outlined below and this should help you to get a good understanding how professional garden and landscape designers operate.

Step 1: Find your designer by looking at the portfolios of the GLDA members. Contact one or two for a chat to help you select the one you want to brief about your project. The brief is usually a meeting on site where you give as much information as you can about what you want and like, your budget, etc. The designer will also do a quick survey of your garden plot.

Step 2: The designer will take all this information to create a draft, or concept design of their proposals. You will have a chance to discuss it with the designer and make any alterations or additions.

Step 3: The next step for the designer is drawing up a very detailed design, or Masterplan.

Steps 4+5: From the Masterplan the detailed Working Drawings for hard landscape working, Planting Plans and Work Schedules will be created as required. The preparation of such a finely tuned design, drawn to scale, can take a lot of time.

The next steps: Many designers can help you find a contractor (or may also offer this service themselves), assist you through the tendering process, or even project manage the entire garden build for you. They can also help with devising a maintenance schedule for the finished garden. If you think you might want any of these additional services, be sure to ask which ones are offered when initially talking to your potential designers.

GLDA Design Process

Landscape Architecture

Who invented the word?

The term “landscape architecture” was first used in 1828 in the book “Landscape Architecture of the Great Painters of Italy“, published by Gilbert Laing Meason. The term was originally a painting term.

The word “landscape” has Dutch roots (late 16th century). It was originally “lantscap“, which means “land ship”. 

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Everyone with a professional or personal interest in gardens or landscape design should join the GLDA. Membership means you keep up-to-date with industry events and information as well as enjoy great benefits. Designers get to showcase to potential clients and network with colleagues. Suppliers can promote directly to members and the public. Become part of the GLDA family today.

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Projects by GLDA Members

Elma Fenton
Michael O'Reilly
Kloe Wood Lyndorff
Alan Coffey
Sarah Jordan
Gordon Ledbetter
Gary Foran
Oisin Griffin
Bernie O'Reilly
Kinta Oakes
David Ryan
Peter Stam
Tim Austen
Nicola Haines
Patricia Tyrrell
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