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Róisín Byrne


Republic of Work,
12 South Mall Street,
Cork T12 RD43

Portrushen Upper,
Co Wicklow W91 YH76


083 002 3523

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Leinster, Connaught, Munster


Large Garden Design, Commercial/Public Landscape Design, Planting Design, Consultancy Advice, Project Management, Public Speaking / Teaching

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Roisin Byrne, Nature-Based Landscape Architect, is a specialist in creating highly collaborative design processes for the creation and care of place projects which bring co-benefits to people and the planet. She designs for clients and with communities who care about our shared Earth. She is aware of the collaborative agency, held within the choice with her clients, to create new landscapes which are restorative to our natural, interconnected Earth systems, climate and biodiversity.

Her ethos is based on endeavouring for the emergence of sustainably harmonious ecosystems within her projects and, by extension, on our Earth. In essence, Nature is the very inspiration and core of the practice.

Roisin is artistic, innovative, collaborative and curious. She is constantly researching how to bring true sustainability into her projects. Can materials and craftsmanship be sourced locally? Is it beautiful, uplifting? Where does this come from? How was it made? Is it organic? What is its story?  She works with artists, engineers, ecologists, architects, storytellers, master craftspeople, academics, local authorities, NGOs and other enterprises, creating ever evolving processes that give more back to Nature in the creation of genuinely vibrant places, which naturally are bringing co-benefits to people and planet.

What are Nature-Based Solutions?
Nature-based solutions (NBS), according to the UN, can contribute by up to a third of solutions to our adaption and mitigation of the twin crisis of our time, biodiversity loss and climate change. The EU has defined NBS as “solutions that are inspired and supported by
Nature, which are cost-effective, simultaneously provide environmental, social and economic benefits and help build resilience. Such solutions bring more, and more diverse, Nature and natural features and processes into cities, landscapes and seascapes, through locally adapted, resource-efficient and systemic interventions.”

The EU Horizon 2020 project Connecting Nature argues that ideally, NBS “uses a comprehensive co-design and co-creation of ideas process, with strong innovation possibilities, leading to multiple ecological, environmental and social gains.”

In collaboration with their clients, Roisin Byrne, Nature-Based Landscape Architecture is well placed to design and implement nature-based solutions at different scales.











Design Qualifications

2015: University College Dublin Graduate Cert in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise.
2013: University College Dublin. BSc. (2.1) Landscape Architecture.
2009: Blanchardstown Institute of Technology. Ordinary Bachelor Degree in Landscape Design.



The Sanctuary Field. Meditation and Nature Heaven, Stoneybatter, Dublin

The design for the gardens began with the new bespoke labyrinth garden. The labyrinth was intuitively designed, leaning on our research of ancient labyrinth design to more contemporary design to understand the viscerally felt geometries deliberately designed into labyrinths deeply. We wanted to understand how to create these paths and their intention. Our intention in creating the sanctuary labyrinth was to support the Sanctuary ethos “offering a place of contemplative practice, developing compassion for ourselves and
wider society.” We intend that this labyrinth is open enough to allow healing, prayer, celebration, and deeply mindful walks by people on their journey through life.

Healy Organic Gardens

I was invited by Denis Healy, one of Ireland’s pioneer organic vegetable gardeners, to design new flowering gardens for the family. In addition Henrike, his partner and their children all have a great interest in different aspects of the gardens.

For the gardens, I developed a highly collaborative process where the family co-designed the six gardens. Using drone imagery and measured drawings taken on-site, we built scale maps and aerial views of the areas for our design. We looked at these maps together and
broke out the space into six distinct garden areas.

Nature Play and Biodiversity Enhancements to Mountrath Amenity Area, Laois County Council

Beginning by creating a survey, analysis, local knowledge and ecological report, we created designs for new nature play areas and biodiversity enhancements. For example, in a bold move, we removed sycamore trees from a woodland grove to allow for more natural light and early spring flowers, such as bluebells, which some of the elders of the community had recalled seeing. Creating very simple gestures such as new paths and pollinator-friendly flowers bring rich enhancements to the area. By close collaboration with the Laois
community teams, the amenity area is cared for organically to best practice for nature. We are all hugely proud of the benefits we have together brought for people and planet through this work.


Thank you so much for all your great creative work which has turned our field into a thing of beauty. Love and Blessings.

Sr Stanislaus Kennedy

Our heartfelt gratitude to you in all that you brought to The Sanctuary Field. Your vision and design is completely in line with the Sanctuary's ethos. thank you so much for helping us create the fabulous meditation space that it is.

Jane Negrych, Manager, The Sanctuary.

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