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Maiia Khruslova


Cork City


089 258 1171

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Small Garden Design, Large Garden Design, Commercial/Public Landscape Design, Planting Design, Consultancy Advice, Landscape Contractor, Project Management, Garden Maintenance, Public Speaking / Teaching

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I was born and lived my whole life in Ukraine. I graduated from the Faculty of Biology at Kharkiv National University, and then I worked as a landscape designer and landscape company owner for seventeen years.

Until recently in Ukraine it was impossible to get a formal education as a landscape designer. But there was a system of training at seminars, workshops, and short-term courses, conducted by esteemed Ukrainian and foreign designers. Conferences were held annually. Therefore, the Ukrainian design community has always been aware of European landscape trends.

I was involved in consolidation, supporting and advanced training of Kharkiv designers. My commitment extended beyond design aesthetics; it delved into a dedication to sustainability and ecological mindfulness. Last years I’ve been concentrating on hardscaping, creating sustainable gardens, educating Ukrainians about raingarden technology and stormwater management.

After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, I was forced to leave the country and found a second homeland in Ireland. Since June 2022, I have worked for a landscaping company based in Cork.

Ireland is a beautiful island with a beautiful climate. In the face of the country’s natural splendor, I strive to minimize artificial elements in Irish gardens, championing a design philosophy rooted in ecological principles.











Design Qualifications

Kharkiv National University, specialty of ‘Biologist, Teacher of Biology and Chemistry’ (1995)


2021 – Ukrainian National Landscape Architecture and Garden Design Award “Ukrainian City Garden” – “Everybody’s Garden”


“Everybody’s Garden”

Our show garden was created in 2021 in Kiev Botanical Garden. We presented a small section of the imaginary city park, designed as an alley with shaded seating areas tailored for individuals with limited mobility.

In the center of the garden, the “flesh is weak, but the spirit is strong” concept came to life through the flying man sculpture.

We believe that urban planting has to be sustainable even in the face of Ukraine’s robust continental climate. Employing a “mixed planting” technique, we developed a drought-resistant perennial planting scheme which helped us to reduce the planned maintenance time significantly.

"Oak Forest Garden"

Welcome to Eastern Ukraine, where we view shade as a coveted blessing. In a region where the summer heat can be relentless, and water is a precious resource, when building a house in the forest we strive to retain as many existing trees and undergrowth as possible. Then we introduce shade-tolerant trees, shrubs, and perennials, seamlessly integrating them into the surroundings. We minimize lawn which needs too much watering during the summer drought. Perennial shade-tolerant ground covers are much more sustainable under the canopy of oaks. Ornamental grasses add texture and movement to the dull autumn days.

"Conifer Garden"

Our winters are harsh. Snow cover can reach 50 cm and more. That’s why conifers are important elements of any Ukrainian garden. Dwarf Pinus and Picea varieties easily withstand the weight of snow.

This garden was renovated in 2018. Our task was to organise chaotic planting and create a comfortable place for outdoor family living. We placed a pool, a gazebo, and a sports ground between the existing pine trees. We removed a part of the existing lawn and replaced it with graveled and mulched areas. A lot of plants were replanted to form big decorative groups separated from the lawn.


My experience in landscaping, gardening and horticulture is 30 years. I have been working with Maiia for the past 15 years. She is a very communicative, competent specialist, who is respected by both colleagues and customers.

Viktoriia Hudyria, gardening contractor and consultant

We worked with Maiia on dozens of projects. They were always interesting and thought through. Maiia was willing to listen and understand the contractor and make adjustments in case of any technological difficulties in the implementation of the project.

Ihor Porchun, landscaper
Ukraine, Kharkiv

We asked Maiia for help in selecting plants and executing plans and visualizations for our client. I would like to mention her rare professionalism and full involvement in the process of creation of the project. The excellent job was completed ahead of schedule.

Viktoriia Chadyuk, landscape company owner
Ukraine, Odessa

I worked in Maiia’s team for 4 years. Maiia is an excellent professional who tirelessly updates her skills and enthusiastically develops the landscape industry of Ukraine. Maiia is a designer who knows how to unlock the potential of gardens and people. I am very grateful for the experience of our cooperation and the wonderful

Svitlana Almakaieva, architect

In my line of work, I often needed working drawings. I could always get them from Maiia’s team. I appreciate their efficiency and willingness to make any changes according to customer needs.

Viktor Maltsev, building contractor
Ukraine, Kharkiv

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