Nederhoff Plant


Tel: +31 70 415 89 35 / +31 624 933 454


Address: Zuidwijk 58, 2771 CD, Boskoop, The Netherlands

Contact: Stefan de Pous (International Sales Manager)

About Nederhoff Plant BV

GLDA Corporate Member Nederhoff Plant is a unique fourth generation trade company based in Boskoop The Netherlands, that serves garden designers and high end landscapers, as a quality-driven all round supplier of trees and plants.

For us it’s all about satisfied customers where especially your client’s satisfaction will be key to your success, and see our trade with you flourish.

About Products & Services

Top quality planting is what we’ll deliver with a passion for you to imagine as you draw up your beautiful design, or propose planting up a garden for your clients.

We specialise in strong, healthy, extra bushy, mature specimen stock in containers. Trees, shrubs, bamboos, conifers, perennials, water plants, hedging, whips, bare roots and bulbs all shall be sourced to the highest of standards, to be collated at our nursery for a final quality check before we ship your order.

Given the opportunity we will be very happy to start working for you.


‘Nederhoff Plant are a fantastic and innovative Dutch, family owned wholesale nursery, sourcing and supplying plants for designers and landscapers all over Europe, and recently the British Isles. This fantastically ambitious nursery’s mission statement and dynamic company ethos is based on key principles of honesty, respect, trust, consistency, strong customer relationships, and above all consistent focus on providing strong customer service with amazing passion! The GLDA are delighted to have Nederhoff Plant as our latest international nursery Corporate Member.’

Michael O’Reilly MGLDA



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