Gerry Daly

Tel: 0404 40158

Address: Ballinahinch Ashford


Gerry is a household name that is synonymous with gardening in Ireland. For the last two decades, he has been at the forefront of media gardening and is recognised wherever he goes. Armed with a Masters degree in Agricultural Science [Hort] from UCD, Gerry began his career as an agricultural journalist with RTE before going on to present his own TV gardening programmes, for both the home station and for the BBC.

The author and publisher of four books – one a best-selling manual of garden design – Gerry also writes regular gardening columns for various journals . He is chairman of the panel of experts who answer listeners’ queries on RTE Radio 1′s perennially popular ‘Ask About Gardening’ programme, and he is editor of the immensely successful glossy monthly magazine, ‘The Irish Garden’.

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