Bloom 2017

Another successful Bloom in the Park for our GLDA members.

Well done to all concerned. 


Gold Medal Winner Full Member Kevin Dennis:

‘Living Oasis by Santa Rita: Living La Vida 120’


GLDA_Oliver_&_Liat_Schurmann_FBD_Insurnace_Bloom_2017Gold Medal Winners and overall Large garden winner Pre-Reg Member Oliver and Liat Schurmann:

‘FBD Insurance Transition’


GLDA_Tünde_Szentesi_Agri_Aware_Bloom_2017Silver Gilt Medal Winner Pre-Reg Member Tünde Szentesi

‘My Land, Your Land – Ireland’ sponsored by Agri Aware


GLDA_Brian_Burke_Dogs_Trust_Bloom_2017Silver Medal Winner Pre-Reg Member Brian Burke:

‘On Cloud CaNine’ sponsored by Dogs Trust

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Bleddyn Wynn-Jones _ Thomas Doxiadis _ Patricia Tyrrell _ Emma Mazzullo & Noel van Mierlo.DNG

2017 GLDA Seminar In the Press

Fantastic Article written by Peter Dowdall on the 2017 GLDA annual Seminar in the Irish Examiner

“The great ground force at the Garden and Landscape Designers Association event”

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Prairie planting, grasses

Maintaining Planting- Is a Maintenance Plan really necessary?

By Patricia Tyrrell MGLDA

For designer and client there is a long journey from initial meeting on site, through design development, final plans and on to the final realisation of the design. The planting plan alone is a time consuming process; getting the appropriate style for the site, the right colour and textural combinations and ensuring the longest possible season of interest. Even for the very experienced it is a long process. On top of this, is the sourcing of good quality plants and, when they arrive on site, ensuring proper care and planting. So when the day finally arrives when all the work is completed and handed over to the client to look after – what then? Is the designers work now finished or is there something more? Many sites will be looked after by a gardener or maintenance crew, some qualified and knowledgeable, some not so much.

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